Torquex Consulting Services can help you get the most from your investment. From strategy, customer research, and business impact consulting to implementation, training, customer support, application consulting, and change management, you can be confident that our experienced teams understand your business practices and operations — and are committed to your success.

Our consulting services include:

Desktop and Process Automation Managed Service

These services provide desktop process analysis, process guidance, and industry-specific advice for your Torquex desktop process analytics solution. They offer visibility into the activities and processes of employees — aspects of customer service operations to be tracked, measured, analyzed, and refined — to help your business improve efficiency, reduce costs and liability, and enhance the customer experience.

Focus areas may include:

  • Payment card industry (PCI) compliance
  • Recording tagging
  • Workforce management adherence
  • Guidance prompting
  • Process analysis
  • Data propagation/automation

Contact Centre Process Optimisation

This is a consulting service that focuses on desk-level activities within your centre’s existing business and technical framework. By closely examining contact centre work across a sizable cross-section of agents, he engagement can reveal the most pressing issues and process inhibitors while identifying best practices. Armed with this insight, you can identify high-value opportunities for improvement, and then initiate change management activities to help streamline your centre.

Through side-by-side observations, we can document insights and process gaps that can translate into:

  • Efficiency gains
  • Cost reductions
  • Improved customer satisfaction

Key Benefits:

  • Captures and helps formalize best practices for enhancing contact centre efficiency and compliance
  • Helps streamline operations to reduce process complexity and labour costs

Solution Design and Architecture

Torquex View Porduct configurations are so rapid to develop, handle masses of data and typically interact with dozens of upstream and downstream sources and systems, a well-defined architecture is a key element in a successful Torquex View installation.

Torquex and its partners can prepare a design that addresses your functional, technical and performance needs. We undertake the following project elements:

  • Business Analysis: Interpreting business requirements into a Torquex CR-X configuration-ready specification
  • Architectural Evaluation: Advice on an optimum architectural approach to meet the unique business requirement
  • High Performance Design: Advice on an optimum high performance configuration to meet demanding business requirement conditions

Customer Experience Strategy

Today’s customers have a greater number of choices than ever before and more channels available to pursue them. With technology advancements enabling consumers to choose when and how they interact with your organization, it’s important to implement a coordinated customer experience strategy across different channels and functional areas of your business.

That’s why Torquex offers Customer Experience Strategy. 

This strategic consulting engagement can help you understand how customers interact with your organization, reveal their expectations, determine whether they are satisfied, and identify which business processes and channels to invest in to further enhance their overall experience.

Because the customer experience can be impacted by every aspect of your business, it’s necessary to look beyond your contact centre or customer service team and examine every facet that ultimately “touches” consumers, such as sales, advertising, packaging, billing, servicing, and interactions with your back office. Gaining this insight can be difficult, because the people responsible for these areas may be unaware of how their separate actions and decisions shape customer perceptions.

Torquex’s seasoned consultants can help you gain visibility into the customer experience by working with you to create journey maps — visual representations of the end-to-end customer service journey, including consumer expectations before each encounter. This detailed approach can help your organization understand what customers encounter and better coordinate the independent interactions of each functional area, helping facilitate a more engaging, personalized, consistent, and contextual customer experience.

Develop Journey Maps for Critical Insights

Customer journey maps can depict the perspective of consumers as they engage with your organization to achieve their goals. These maps illustrate the range of tangible and quantitative interactions, triggers and touch points, and intangible and qualitative motivations, frustrations, and meanings.

Working with stakeholders across your organization, our consultants will define and assess the customer experience lifecycle; perform customer research and detailed data analysis; and design an enhanced, future-state customer experience. Customer journey maps help highlight whether your existing communication channels are the right ones for your customer base.

Armed with this information, you can answer key questions, such as:

  • What is driving customer attrition?
  • Is the overall customer experience proactive or reactive?
  • Is there a gap between customer expectations and their actual experience?
  • Which resources do customers use to satisfy their needs?
  • Which touch points impact customer experiences —positively and negatively?
  • How do customers want to interact with us?

Key Benefits:

  • Provides insight into how the various areas of your business contribute to the overall customer experience
  • Visually represents the customer journey across touch points and functional areas, so you can identify opportunities for improvement
  • Helps you formulate specific strategies to deliver a more engaging, personalized, consistent, and contextual customer experience