Artificial Intelligence that allows people to talk to applications and electronic devices in free-format, natural language, using speech, text, touch or gesture.

Talk Your Customers’ Language and  Empower Your Customers With Self-Service

  • 70% of your customers search online for an answer first. Give customers the intelligent answers they are looking to find easily without having to contact your business.
  • Call deflection strategies reduce the cost to service from using other channels such as the contact centre and or retail branches, improve customer experience and drive revenues.

Torquex have partnered with two leading vendors of Natural Language Interaction using artificial intelligence.

Features include:

AI Powered Self Service – Delivers all of your company’s customer service instantly and personally. It answers your customers intuitively, accurately, and reliably.

Real-time Analytics – Increase your conversion by knowing, answering, and offering what your community wants. For example, Learn how questions affect your audience’s decision to purchase. Reach out and capitalize instantly on what people search. Get a deeper level of knowledge about how effective your content is in view ability and accessibility. Track where and what people are saying so you can strategize and execute campaigns more specific to your community. Reduce any possible redundant questions over time – track and interact instantly so you can increase the rate of sales conversion when people make contact.

Combined with Torquex View, you gain a 360 degree view of Customer Engagement across all channels.

Autocomplete – Create intuitive responses for user experience. Designed to ensure more customers experience zero wait times when retrieving answers, Autocomplete predicts people’s questions based on Natural Language Technology.

Avatar – Digital Employee – An A.I. Based Avatar with Real World interaction is the next evolution in customer experience. Avatars are designed to adapt to this new trend for Customer Service and Support with more personalized, intuitive, and fast responses. Torquex will assist you in development and design. Digital Employees can be deployed Cross Channel – web, mobile, social media, IVR etc..

Dynamic FAQs – The Right Answers, Right Now . Dynamic FAQs focuses on the natural way people ask questions using intelligent software that understands how we communicate. Its answers are far more accurate no matter how users form questions and it displays them dynamically so users can go right to the source page for what they’re seeking.

Instant Answers – intelligent content delivery system designed to automate answers for commonly asked questions. It provides options the moment a customer types a question for a ticket. This gives customers the satisfaction they want with answers they need before they contact your customer center.

Semantic Search  – Prevent wait times on Customer Support responses for your community. Semantic Search is forward thinking. It puts people’s questions first by understanding human natural language

Other Features Include:

• Customer Surveys
• Email Management
• Social media Ticketing
• Cross Selling
• Web Chat
• Natural Language Speech