It’s What They Say!

If you want to know what your customers want and need, just listen. Your customers usually tell you everything you need to know and all you need to do is be a good listener.

However, it is difficult and costly listening to even a small percentage of the thousands of hours of customer calls received every day.

The good news is that we can do all the heavy listening for you and extract the useful information that you need to know about what your customers are saying on the phone.

Today’s call centre is not lacking for data. There are mountains of calls waiting to be mined for intelligence. But the manual process of analysing voice recordings in search of business opportunities is labour intensive and costly. It takes lots of time — time that could be better spent exploiting newfound insights and improving business processes.

If you are operating a contact centre or hosting one, your clients will be interested in a solution that accelerates the call-scoring process, saves money, and enables a new level of intelligence to be gleaned from customer calls.


Predictive Analytics

An advanced form of data mining, predictive analytics leverages machine learning to identify patterns in voice recordings, derive a speaker’s intent, and predict a future outcome — be it a sale, account cancellation, or one of many customized “X” signals your clients might request. Using recorded call data, Torquex constructs predictive models that use analytics to generate automated call dispositions, thus eliminating the need for costly human call scoring and giving call centre customers actionable insights to support their sales, marketing, and CRM initiatives — and much more.

Automatically mining the rich data in spoken interactions opens the door to a wealth of possibilities.



Torquex uses data available from Contact centres, call recordings, CRM, WFM and Unified Communications systems to offer solutions that automate human call scoring and redacting sensitive data, saving customers a considerable amount of time, money and mitigating risk. Torquex provides a trove of actionable insights and intelligence from recorded call data.

Torquex Predictive Insights leverages machine learning and neural network technology to detect patterns in voice recordings, gauge a speaker’s intent, remove sensitive content and predict future outcomes. It is an ideal tool for optimising a variety of business processes, including sales and marketing, agent training and compliance.

Mining the rich data in spoken interactions opens the door to a wealth of possibilities — possibilities that can now be brought to life with Torquex Predictive Insights.