Sentiview provides detailed sentiment analytics and operational insights for unstructured data that exists in conversations with customers eg post call survey unstructured data, contact centre voice recording, web chat, email, sms, social media. It is effectively used to assist in understanding the operational drivers that underpin NPS scoring.

With Sentiview, your organization can capture customer feedback across multiple channels, interpret it in the context of business objectives, and then act on it to drive improved performance and customer experiences.

Sentiview Voice of Customer includes:

  • Speech Analytics
  • Text Analytics
  • Feedback Analytics
  • Sentiment Scoring for NPS

Analyze Email, Chat, and Free-Form Survey Responses: Your organization can categorize input from text-based interactions, and assign sentiment scores to gain a clearer picture of customer attitudes.

Speech and Text Analytics

Voice of the Customer

Listen to what your customers are actually saying to sales reps and customer service agents to really understand your customers.


Spot non-compliant terms or interactions to avoid risk and protect both the consumer and your business.

NPS/CSAT Sentiment Scoring

Enhance Customer Feedback and NPS Scoring with Mutlichannel Sentiment Analysis.

Visual Voicemail

Turn all of your voicemails into readable text to quickly and conveniently scan your voice messages.

Sales Optimization

Automatically quantify ‘hot leads’, ‘non prospects’ and ‘first time callers.’ Discover what differentiates the best sales agent from the worst and use it to boost sales.

Agent Performance

Monitor agent behaviour. Did the agent act professionally? Did the agent collect all necessary information? Know when agents veer from the script.

Voice of Employee

Employees can enrich employee feedback with their own insights.

PCI Detection & Redaction

Cleanse call recordings by automatically detecting and redacting credit card information from both the transcript and the audio.


Fully integrates with Call View and Customer View to provide 360 Degree of Customer Journey.

Speech Analytics—Mines recorded conversations to surface the intelligence essential for building effective cost containment, revenue generation, and customer service strategies. Supported languages : Arabic, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Lithuanian, Mandarin, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish and Turkish

Text Analytics—Analyses customer interactions through survey responses, email, Web chat, and social media sources. With the aid of advanced natural language processing, customer interactions and related sentiment can be captured and analysed across all text-based communication channel.