“The total penetration of voice analytics is still tiny: of an annual global voice market of 500 billion minutes, under 500 million minutes are being indexed. It is a fairly safe bet to predict that this market is going to be enormous.” –  Hypervoice  Sept 2017


Voice as this is still 70% to 80% of where conversations happen for organisations.


The Torquex Transcript Assessment Service (TAS) is a intelligent service that automates the parsing, indexing of information and insight extraction from Customer Conversations, whether Voice, Chat or email.


This is achieved via use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods incorporating Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing for

  • automated assessment of agents
  • compliance and assurance risk assessment
  • business topic detection and extraction
  • sentiment analysis on the conversations,
  • predictive insights for business process automation


Clients can build solutions that can utilise the “unstructured data” in conversation and in bed this data into current business processes, driving better customer experience and enhanced productivity for example.


Speech and Text Analytics


Voice of the Customer

Listen to what your customers are actually saying to sales reps and customer service agents to really understand your customers.


Spot non-compliant terms or interactions to avoid risk and protect both the consumer and your business.

NPS/CSAT Sentiment Scoring

Enhance Customer Feedback and NPS Scoring with Mutlichannel Sentiment Analysis.

Visual Voicemail

Turn all of your voicemails into readable text to quickly and conveniently scan your voice messages.

Sales Optimization

Automatically quantify ‘hot leads’, ‘non prospects’ and ‘first time callers.’ Discover what differentiates the best sales agent from the worst and use it to boost sales.

Agent Performance

Monitor agent behaviour. Did the agent act professionally? Did the agent collect all necessary information? Know when agents veer from the script.

Voice of Employee

Employees can enrich employee feedback with their own insights.

PCI Detection & Redaction

Cleanse call recordings by automatically detecting and redacting credit card information from both the transcript and the audio.


Fully integrates with Torquex Sense Analytics.