Find the keys to increasing your contact center revenue, reducing costs and improving the customer experience by uncovering the true meaning of all conversations with Torquex Customer View leveraging the power of Speech Analytics and AI Conversations.


Improve Revenue Generation

If your contact center is focused on sales or collections, or if you would like to improve cross-selling and up-selling in your customer service center, Torquex can help increase your revenue by:

  • Identifying the critical agent skills within interactions that lead to successful sales or collections
  • Precisely targeting training and coaching to focus on those key skills
  • Continuously monitoring all conversations to ensure usage of the key skills and ongoing improvements


Reduce Operating Costs

If your contact center is focused on customer service and/or customer support, Torquex can help reduce costs by:

  • Reducing Average Handle Time (AHT) by analyzing all calls to identify the root cause of high handle times
  • Increasing operational efficiency by automating previously manual tasks
  • Reducing contact volume by identifying types of contacts that could be handled using self-service methods


Improve the Customer Experience

If you would like to improve the customer experience provided by your contact center, Torquex analytics can help by:

  • Increasing FCR by analysing all conversations to identify the root cause of low FCR
  • Increasing Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) by identifying and eliminating the key causes of dissatisfaction
  • Increasing agent skills to more effectively understand and address customer needs and issues


Improve Compliance & Quality Management

Being able to monitor 100% of calls with 100% of agents means that it is possible to make sure that agents comply with all business rules as well as regulations. Linking this information with metadata such as call outcomes, sales success rates and other business metrics means that the most successful behaviours and characteristics can be identified and shared across agent groups.

Scorecards based on 100% of calls rather than a small sample are much more accurate, and support better training and eLearning techniques, and have great potential to cut the cost of manually QAing calls. Analysing all interactions also means that your QA professionals are made aware of any outliers – either very good or very bad customer communications – providing great opportunities for the propagation of best practice, or identifying urgent training needs, respectively.

By monitoring and scoring 100% of calls, the opportunity exists to connect analytics, quality assurance and performance management, collecting information about, for example, first-contact resolution rates, right down to the individual agent level. Automatic evaluation of all calls means that businesses will no longer rely on anecdotal evidence, and will be able to break the call down into constituent parts, studying and optimising each element of each type of call, offering a far more scientific, evidence-based approach to improving KPIs than has previously been possible.