Our Torquex View product suite enables a modular approach to enable an organic continuous improvement across the enterprise.

Torquex view comprises of two core modules

  1.  Call View
  2.  Customer View

Call View

Call View is the entry level product solution Рaimed at addressing immediate concerns within contact centres re. reporting and enhances customer journey mapping to kick off customer experience initiatives. Call View’s Contact Centre Analytics provides a baseline process for improving contact centre efficiency and addresses the silo’d complexity of managing reports within a contact centre.  It is also used to measure customer satisfaction and helps enterprises improve performance and cut costs by analyzing performance through integrated views of data from multiple contact centre systems.

From increasing customer satisfaction to providing insights, learning, forecasting and trend analysis, contact centre analytics helps organizations convert their contact centres from cost centres to major profit centres.

Customer View

Customer View’s Engagement Analytics captures customer, employee, transaction, and interaction data from different channels and systems and consolidates it on an intuitive dashboard. Powerful algorithms and visualizations provide an omnichannel/mutichannel view of customer journeys, revealing key drivers and root causes of consumer behavior and delivering Operational Insights and cross-channel metrics, such as customer effort and satisfaction.

Armed with this information, you can gain a deeper understanding of your customers and better predict engagement outcomes.

Customer View is the upgrade path from Call View and facilitates the addition of new channels and operational data eg CRM, Back Office Applications etc. Customer View and Sentiview are integrated and provide a 360 degree of customer experience