Create a Unified Customer Culture. Kill the Silos.

Customer insights for everyone! Whatever role you play within your business, you likely impact customer experience. The decisions you make about product, marketing, operations, call center, or even internal processes contribute to a customer’s single perception of your brand.


Interpret the customer journey to help direct corporate strategy, understand your market, and impact both top line revenue and bottom line profit.

Make confident, strategic decisions about product, marketing and operations that increase revenue and decrease risk. Reduce attrition by improving the aspects of your business that matter most to customers.

Identify corporate priorities by amplifying what your customers want and need. Increase revenue through improved customer satisfaction and retention. Reduce costs by examining detailed customer journey and impact on operational processes. Build and measure the business case for on-going investment into CeX program.


Take the guesswork out of brand management, crisis identification, and campaign optimization with Torquex’s survey, text, and sentiment analytics capability.

Deliver campaigns that produce killer ROI.
A data-driven approach to understanding brand perception will give you the feedback you need to optimize your investments.

  • Drive customer-focused marketing campaigns and budgeting
  • Manage your brand reputation, especially in times of crisis
  • Real time feedback on product launches
  • Ensure Compliance with customer journey maps



Identify efficiencies across all support channels (call center, online chat, social, email and self-service) that lead to improved satisfaction and decreased operating costs. Understanding the full customer journey allows you to improve customer satisfaction scores, reduce call time and first call resolution and improve resolution times.

  • Highlight common pain points and trends among customers
  • Identify training needs and initiatives to improve customer satisfaction scores
  • Measure impact of routing and IVR changes on customers and staff
  • Identify FCR and Repeat Call issues accross all channels
  • Understand reasons for warm and hot transfers, why people abandon calls



Get a handle on your operational performance from your customers’ point of view. Improve local store performance, address supply chain issues, and train staff on customer preferences.

  • Visualize local, regional, and brand-wide performance
  • Manage customer engagement and issue resolution
  • Identify key customer episodes by tracking and measuring end to end business process
  • The result: loyal customers – and more revenue



Empower all areas of your business to make improvements that drive customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention. Deliver real-time, actionable insights that pinpoint opportunities for cost savings and increased revenue. Instill a customer mindset into everything you do, based on real evidence about what customers want.

  • Lead company-wide customer experience initiatives that result in improved customer satisfaction and Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Identify crises, alert stakeholders, and coordinate issue resolution
  • Measure Customer Effort to identify areas for process improvement and automation
  • Build a customer-centric organization and raise your NPS®



Data resides in silos and traditional cost of integration accross legacy platforms often prohibit customer expereince inittiatives.

  • Tackle data and information silos and drive fast automated solutions to enhance customer experience
  • Deliver real-time integrated unified information to the desktop
  • Enhance your digitisation efforts
  • Drive compliance and operational efficiency for cost savings and increased revenue



Centralise your reporting operational KPIs and get rid of spreadsheets that operate in Silos and develop a workforce optimisation centre of excelllence model accross the enterprise.

  • Enhance Visibility by organically reducing relaince on Point Solutions which are historically disparate & disconnected
  • Drive Efficiency by unifying organizational solutions
  • Optimise by deliveriing organizational consistency and consistent  management which empowers employees

Other Benefits include:

Silouhette people

Voice of the Customer

Listen to what your customers are actually saying to sales reps and customer service agents to really understand your customers.

Silouhette person talk

Voice of Employee

Employees can enrich employee feedback with their own insights.



Spot non-compliant terms or interactions to avoid risk and protect both the consumer and your business.

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PCI Detection & Redaction

Cleanse call recordings by automatically detecting and redacting credit card information from both the transcript and the audio.


NPS/CSAT Sentiment Scoring

Enhance Customer Feedback and NPS Scoring with Mutlichannel Sentiment Analysis.

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Fully integrates with Call View and Customer View to provide 360 Degree of Customer Journey.

If you can not measure it  – you can not manage it !