Why Torquex Customer Engagement solutions

The Team at Torquex have been involved in the Customer Engagement sector for many years and strongly believe we have been able to bridge the gap between the Voice of The Customer and an organisations ability to fully map the Customers Journey, and do something about it!

With our Solutions, organizations can ingest, correlate, aggregate, analyse, and act on the enormous amount of customer, workforce, and other business data that results from interactions across the various departments and systems within the enterprise.

This “data” can be leveraged in a variety of ways:

  • Customer experience teams can engage consumers personally and proactively at any point to help increase loyalty and drive revenue.
  • Business intelligence teams can engage employees across the organization by providing them with clearer information that can drive a better understanding of consumer needs now, with more accurate forecasting to meet their needs in the future.
  • IT teams can leverage existing systems to provide extended capabilities to meet business challenges.
  • Marketing teams can engage customers using the channels they prefer, when they prefer, helping to increase loyalty and retention while driving revenue.
  • Operations teams can engage employees by providing them with the ability to see a single view of the customer and work collaboratively to make every interaction count.
  • Strategy teams can engage employees by presenting a single view of the customer for driving revenue opportunities, plans for products and services, and process enhancements that align customer needs with company goals.
  • Product development teams can engage customers, capture preferences about product features and capabilities, and then funnel that information into research and development staff.

Using Torquex Engagement Optimization solutions

Organizations can transform the customer experience by delivering consistent, contextual, and personalized experiences that count, no matter which channels customers use to engage. By leveraging these solutions, they can broaden their focus from delivering single-point-in-time customer experiences to driving customer engagement, loyalty—and ultimately—revenue.

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